The Barkshire Story

Anyone who knows us here at The Barkshire, knows we are head over heels in love with our pets. With work and travel, we also know it’s impossible to be with them 24/7; however, our VIP’s need exercise and socializing. That’s why we decided to create The Barkshire, a forward-thinking, ultra-modern facility where dogs would feel like they never left home. From the picket fences to the pooch-friendly K9 Grass, our entire operation has been conceived and designed with dogs in mind. They can romp in three indoor/outdoor play areas, relax on comfy couches in the living room, and fall asleep in a wide variety of overnight suites.

The Barkshire is a team effort. It’s not just the gorgeous indoor space, the great hotel amenities or even the value prices. We create a home away from home where your pet is treated with the utmost love and respect by our highly trained team in a stress free environment.

Finally, the environment is very important to us. Every policy we enact – from the building materials we choose all the way down to what office supplies we buy – is done with the utmost care and respect for our planet.

If you like to sign in your pet please fill out the membership application form on the Club Barkshire page and have your vet fax us the required vaccination records.

– Rita Dunker, Founder