Why it Matters

Out for walks, running in parks, barking greetings to one another from backyards: any time you are outside, dogs aren’t far behind. An ecologically safe and sound environment is important for future generations of both people and dogs. That’s why every aspect of The Barkshire is carefully developed with the highest eco-friendly standards. We’re proud to do our part for the environment.

How We Do It

Our facility is climate controlled and has a state-of-the-art ventilation system. Building envelope design was developed to exceed ASHRAE energy standards. Walls and roofs were completely insulated to improve the building’s thermal resistivity.

Heating is provided through industry leading ultra-high 95% efficient natural gas burners with modulating capacity.

The entire area is fully air conditioned. Cooling is provided through industry leading ultra-high 17 SEER condensing units with 2-stage compressors and environmentally friendly, non ozone depleting, R-410a refrigerant.

Ventilation air is introduced using energy recovery technology. Heat from exhaust air is used to temper the incoming outside air. The reverse occurs in the summer months.

The ventilation air system is capable of completely purging the facility with outside air every 24 minutes.